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Virtual Workshops

When learning a model of therapy, students often get caught up in performing therapeutic interventions, especially when client behaviors lead to fusion with the therapist. Of the latter not being aware, the interventions could be ineffective. This is particularly true when, in the training of psychotherapists, very few have the opportunity to observe clinical interventions by their supervisors and / or teachers. For this reason, our workshops are focused on teaching the fidelity of treatment and showing how therapeutic interventions are carried out. The courses are designed under the clinical competency-based learning model. So self-efficacy is promoted through reflection, behavioral testing, and critical thinking in the scientific literature. In online courses the “real-play” system is used, where the participant has the opportunity to practice the skills and techniques demonstrated by the group leader through real games. Online courses are primarily developed for students in psychology, counseling, and social work-in-training.

Virtual Workshops Calendar

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