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In recent years, the field of clinical psychology and psychotherapy has become very competitive, so establishing a successful private practice can seem very difficult to achieve. The millennial and centennial generations, with access to information through the Internet, require more and more advanced knowledge to respond to their concerns. Therefore, this requires health professionals to use greater psychological techniques to meet the needs of their clients and patients. Likewise, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and social workers often find themselves trapped in handling difficult cases or ethical dilemmas in their daily practice, not knowing where to turn with practical and applied answers in complex clinical cases. Research suggests that those professionals seeking peer consultation increase their clinical development, improve their repertoire of clinical skills, and use of techniques. Thus promoting self-evaluation of their clinical and self-care work.

Through peer consulting, a functional analysis of the therapist's behavior is performed to assess problematic and / or pro-behavior behaviors to help them be effective, both within and outside of a therapeutic session.

The objectives of the consultancy are:

  • Obtain advanced clinical skills;

  • Find solutions and effectiveness when carrying out clinical interventions;

  • Obtain a repertoire of clinical and technical skills in psychotherapy;

  • Increase clinical safety and effectiveness when evidence-based interventions are performed;

  • Ventilate and process emotions about clinical cases;

  • Develop professional identity within the field of psychology and;

  • Improve self-reflection and self-care skills to achieve job satisfaction, well-being and quality of life.

Online Peer Consultation

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Those interested can book online by choosing the date on our calendar. If you want a different date than those available in our calendar, you can contact the Dra. Jessika Talavera at or 787-413-1301.

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